Saturday, November 22, 2008

Crazy Busy

This is where I've been.......

Ok so I've sucked this week when it comes to my blog but I have a good excuse! I have had at least one event...some days two with my catering company. It's so weird because it always happens like this. I guess I shouldn't be complaining....and believe me I'm not...I'm just explaining why I've been MIA when it comes to my blog. I've been working my butt off trying to round up more business and I guess I've succeeded! We are BUSY!!!! :)

I'm going to put up some good recipes for the next few days but for now....I need some rest. I'm exhausted and need to just lounge with a glass if champagne in hand. I really have worked hard in making it efficient. These pictures are of the event space that I have in my building...isn't it just beautiful?!? I catered a 50th birthday party there today and it was so amazing! I love where I have my catering company. It's in the Old Market area of downtown Omaha and it's seriously the coolest place! I feel so lucky to be able to have my business there!

The whole ceiling in the event space is a huge skylight!!!!

How cool is this?

And this is my new oven/stove/broiler/griddle combo I just got! It's sweet!

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Ingrid said...

Very nice! The room has lots of character! Bet it really looks beautiful all done up. Love the glass roof!

I also checked out your company's website. WOW! Good luck with everything. That's awesome that business is going well. Keep us posted.

Btw, the Twins said Thank you! LOL, they absolutely LOVED the Shrimp in jalapeno butter. I added some minced garlic with the jalapenos and served it over french bread.

Happy Thanksgiving!

farida said...

Avesta, good to hear about your new place and flourishing business! So happy for you!

avesta said...

Thanks Ingrid and Farida! It's been a busy couple weeks and I'm tired but so glad that the new place is doing well!

I've been in the food business for so long and it's always hard moving to a new spot but once it gets's nice to be in a beautiful place like I'm in now!

Ingrid, nice idea on serving that shrimp on french bread! Yum! Happy Thanksgiving to you both!