Sunday, March 22, 2009


Sorry that I've been a bit MIA in the catering biz is hectic and it's been very hard keeping up with my blog. I worked on several great dishes this past week and will post this coming week....don't give up on me...I will be back as I'm trying to organize my photos and recipes to make it easier for me to do my posts! Much love....Avesta

By the mother and I have been working on making some fun aprons....what do you all think?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pan Fried Halibut

Pan Fried Halibut with Dill & Lemon

As most of you know who read my blog regularly...I love seafood and I know I've done a lot of shrimp and scallop recipes on here but have failed to do many fish here's the beginning of many to come. I enjoy fish prepared many ways, but my favorite is pan fried. I love the crispiness the fish gets and I feel this process keeps the fish very juicy and flavorful. Halibut is an easy fish to serve as it is mild, slightly sweet and has nice firm and flaky meat. This makes it perfect for grilling and pan frying. When pan frying fish you can coat the fish with breadcrumbs or flour but I often just pan fry fish with just a nice coating of seasoning. This saves me calories and allows the flavor of the fish to stand out. If you have never tried Halibut please try out this recipe! I promise you will have a new favorite fish....yes...there is more to fish than salmon!

Here's some benefits of Halibut from my favorite website

Health Benefits
Halibut are truly a nutrient-dense food. A very good source of high quality protein, halibut are rich in significant amounts of a variety of important nutrients including the minerals selenium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium; the B vitamins B12, niacin, and B6; and perhaps most important, the beneficial omega-3 essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids are so named because they are essential for our health but cannot be made by the body; they must therefore be obtained from foods. Cold-water fish like halibut are a rich source of the omega-3 essential fats, a form of essential fatty acids in which the standard American diet is sorely deficient. (The other form of essential fatty acids, the omega-6s, are plentiful in a variety of commonly consumed oils such as corn and safflower oil. In fact, the omega-6s are so plentiful in the typical American diet that too much omega-6 is consumed in proportion to omega-3s--an imbalance that promotes inflammation, thus contributing to virtually every chronic disease in which inflammation is a key component.)

For more benefits of Halibut....please visit:

Pan Fried Halibut with Dill & Lemon

4 Halibut steaks

2 lemons (1 sliced for garnish, 1 sliced in half for the juice)

1 tablespoon fresh chopped dill

1/2 teaspoon garlic powder or fresh chopped garlic

1/2 teaspoon ground hot red pepper (optional)

sea salt & fresh ground black pepper to taste

4 tablespoon olive oil

1 tablespoon canola or vegetable oil

Heat both oils in a saute pan until hot but not smoking. Make sure to pat dry the Halibut steaks and season both sides with salt and pepper. Slowly add Halibut to hot oil and let the steaks fry until golden brown, about 3-4 minutes then flip. After the steaks have been flipped and have fried for about 2-3 minutes, squeeze fresh lemon juice on top of fish and sprinkle with dill, garlic and red hot pepper.

Be careful when squeezing lemon juice as it may spatter if it touches the hot oil. Cover the pan with a lid and let cook for another 1-2 minutes. Remove the pan from heat and serve fish with steamed veggies or herbed rice. Garnish fish with fresh lemon slices and more fresh chopped dill. Sprinkle the top with more ground hot pepper or paprika.

When pan frying...make sure your oil is hot so that you get that browned sear on your meat!
I only sprinkle the Halibut with sea salt and fresh ground black pepper at first.
Make sure the fish is nice and golden brown before flipping. This should take 3-4 minutes per side.
Serve the Halibut with steamed veggies for a low calorie and healthy meal!
I garnish the fish with fresh lemon slices and more fresh dill on top. I top it all off with some more ground red hot pepper or sweet paprika.