Monday, December 29, 2008

I'll Be Back!

It's been a crazy month and I promise I will be back in full force with the new year! I am so excited to continue to share my recipes and love for food with you all out there. I have received so many amazing emails and comments and am so touched by all of you who enjoy my food!

It is especially nice to hear from all of my former restaurant customers who were so loyal to my place. I really do appreciate the nice words and I miss all of you, too! My restaurant was such a big part of my life and this first year without it has been extremely hard for me....but I am now throwing my efforts and talent into Avesta Cuisine the catering company and so far it has been a great success! It is so nice to share my food with others....I cannot imagine living life without that being a big part of my everyday. So whether it is through my blog, cooking for friends and family or cooking for my customers, I do hope you all know what satisfaction I get from being able to cook for you all!

Thank you for all the support in my first year of blogging. I am excited to take this blog to the next level and make it even better....any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated! I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season and wish you all the happiest of New Year's Eve and Day and let that happiness continue throughout 2009!

I was lucky enough to get a very nice Christmas gift from my husband...the Canon EOS I am even more excited to share the pictures of my food that I will be able to take with my new awesome camera. And to all of you out there asking...yes...the Gourmet Mac n Cheese recipe and pictures will be coming in January!


Ingrid said...

love, Love, LOVE your food! The kids and I are looking forward to another tasty year!

Happy 2009!

Btw, you must have been a very good girl! Love the new camera!

snekse said...

Oooooo, nice. Did you get a new lens too?

Bren said...

Congrats on the the Christmas gift! Very nice! :)

avesta said...

Thanks Ingrid, Snekse & Bren....and I'm always a good girl! :) a nice new lens, too. I need to take a digital photography class now since I've really only been trained on film cameras!