Sunday, October 4, 2009

Summer Wedding

As most of you know...I own a catering company here in Omaha and I wanted to share with you a wedding I did this summer that was pretty simple but ended up being just beautiful. I love catering weddings and this wedding was special to me because it was the couple's second marriage and they both have children from their previous marriages (same as me and my husband). The way they included their children in the ceremony was so sweet. Heather and Scott were so easy to work with and they were so appreciative of all the work we did to put their special day together. It's always so nice to work for people who know how much hard work we put in to make everything run smoothly and how difficult it really is to make sure everything is timed just right. Enjoy the pictures and look for more wedding and event pictures to come!

Two of my employees getting the drink/bar station ready.

Heather wanted everything to be simple and and white with wild summer flowers.

She had a bunch of small vases with flowers in them on the tables and had this arrangement made for the bar.

The whole ceiling in my event space is a skylight...we hung white lanterns and the effect was amazing!

She didn't want to spend tons of money on flowers (like I said this was a 2nd marriage for both of them and they have better things to spend their money on..for so she chose several small vases with wild flowers on each looked great and the guests could still see each other across the table!

Heather also chose a simple yet contemporary dress with a black sash...she looked great!
Guests going through the appetizer station.

Instead of a wedding cake...the bride chose to do assorted mini desserts......
not only did they look beautiful.......
guests loved having a choice of many different kinds of desserts.
The first dance...I love how the lanterns look above them!

What a great wedding...thanks Heather and Scott!

Wishing you much love and happiness!


Ingrid said...

Great job! Your event site is gorgeous!

Olga said...

The flowers are so pretty! Sometimes the casual and simple style is the best way to go. Those desserts look really cute.

farida said...

The table looks very bright with foods you've made. Everything looks delicious. I am craving tabbouleh now:) Congrats to the newly weds.

Heather said...

Avesta you made our wedding absolutely perfect. You really listened and not only made delicious food, but created the ambiance we hoped for!

Kovan said...

So beautiful! I'm amazed every time I see what you're able to create...even though I've been your sous chef/kitchen slave tons of times! :) Promise I won't make you cater my wedding someday although I'd definitely be tempted!

vincent said...

Avesta, this is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing...