Monday, August 11, 2008

For the love of BACON! I have a slight...well maybe quite obsessive love for bacon. I know this might gross some people out but I have to admit it is in the top 5 favorite foods of mine. For my 30th girlfriends handed me a lovely Victoria's Secret box...when I opened it up....there was a nicely wrapped pound of bacon in it....and was the perfect gift for me....for bacon just might arouse me as much as Lacy panties from VS!

I used to put bacon on everything and when I was in college I used to make these boiled egg and bacon sandwiches that my roommates loved (plus they were the perfect hangover cure!...must be the salt in the bacon) So when I was designing the menu for my restaurant I was encouraged to add my "EggBLT" sandwich to the menu. I didn't think it would go over too well...but ended up being one of our top sellers!

So today I woke up with just a slight headache (I mean hangover) (the family was over yesterday and I had too much Riesling)...and decided it was EggBLT time. Here's a very easy recipe for one heck of a sandwich....

Avesta's EggBLT...actually...EggBSA (bacon, spinach & avocado)
1 boiled egg (peeled and sliced)
(here's tip...if you want to boil the perfect egg...add the eggs to cold water (about 1 inch above the eggs) and bring to a rapid boil...remove the pan from the heat and cover the pot. Let sit for for about 15-17 minutes (I think Julia Child says exactly 17 minutes) remove the eggs from the water and put in a bowl of ice and water (for about 2 minutes)...put the pot back on the heat and bring to a boil again....put the eggs back in the boiling water for just a few seconds and then put the eggs back in the ice bath. This process will help so the egg shrinks away from the shell and it's easier to peel...and the eggs will be cooked perfect and you will not see that greenish/black color around your yolk. If you do not have time or energy to go back and forth...well then just boil like I said and then after letting the eggs sit in the pot...put in an ice bath and skip the second just might be a bit harder to peel your eggs)

1/2 piece of lavash flatbread (I use the whole wheat and flax kind which is only 50 calories a can find this now in most supermarkets...if not use a small tortilla or thin foccacia bread)
1 slice Muenster or Havarti cheese 1/4 avocado (sliced)
handful of spinach leaves
4 pieces bacon
(here's another wanna know how to cook perfectly crisp and flat bacon? do it like restaurants do....IN THE OVEN!!!!)
I use parchment paper (it's amazing for so many things!) and lay out my bacon on the parchment paper and cook at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes (turning once half-way through the cooking) you have to try this out and cook the bacon to your liking...I like crisp but not burnt....but I'm telling bacon like this is so much cleaner...safer and you will have such better looking and tasting bacon!

the smell of bacon cooking makes me crazy!

So when you're done cooking your bacon...all you've got to do is stack your ingredients on the lavash and then fold it over...slice in half and serve with some fresh fruit...and you've got a new and exciting version of the classic BLT! See pics below....
(hint...I sprinkle a little season salt on top of my avocado for added flavor!)

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