Friday, August 8, 2008

Pink Lemonade....Adult Style Baby.....

I remember one night in college (I went to Ohio University in Athens, Ohio)..yes...that big party school with the huge Halloween Block Party....when I woke up every hour thinking about Subway's pink lemonade. I know this sounds strange but my good friend Michelle and I used to party all night and wake up (right around lunch time) and eat tuna subs and drink pink lemonade from Subway religiously...I mean at least 2-3 times a week. Well for some odd reason...this timing was off....I was up every hour on the hour...starting at 3:00am thinking about that damn pink lemonade. Well I gues my body goes through that pink lemonade craving every so many years bc today...I could NOT STOP THINKING ABOUT PINK LEMONADE!!!!

Well I already had plans for watching the opening ceremonies for the Olympics so I figured I couldn't go to Subway for dinner (plus it's Friday night...going to Subway for dinner on a Friday night is soooo embarrassing...especially for a chef...right?!?! :)'s time to make an adult pink lemonade drink! It turned out oh so yummy....I believe this drink surpasses anything that I have ever craved from least on Friday nights...........

Summer Passion Lemonade:
2 oz Absolut Pear Vodka
1 oz sour apple schnapps
2 oz X-rated Fusion Liqueur (whatever...I'm addicted)
sprite or diet lemon-lime soda if you must have diet (yuck!)
fresh lime slices

In a tall rocks glass, fill until about 1 inch from the top with ice, add the vodka, schnapps and fusion liqueur, top with sprite and squeeze one slice of lime into the drink and add the other slice to the rim of the glass for garnish...stire and enjoy!

And on an Olympics note....after having one...two...ok...ok...three or four...of these oh so yummy cocktails....and watching the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Olympics...I want to TRAVEL (more)!!!! I don't know how people who have never left this country don't think about all that they are missing out there....I am well-travelled....been all over the world and think....damn...I need to travel! I mean...where the hell is San Marino or Mali or Burindi? I cannot believe that I don't even know where these countries are! I realize more and more that life is short...I take advantage of enjoying every minute of it....but I cannot keep putting off the adventures that will only happen if I make them happen today....not tomorrow. On a drunken note.....that is my advice for the day............drink yummy cocktails that make you remember your college days....and get out and do what you've been dreaming of doing...wanting to do....need to do!!!!!

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