Sunday, July 27, 2008

Does the unpacking ever end?

I spent the majority of the day unpacking and organizing....I wonder where all this stuff came from...I don't remember most of it even being in my old house. Isn't it strange how we find all this stuff that we stuff in boxes for years and then when we move we stumble upon it and wonder why we even kept it in the first place. It just shows that yes....we buy too much....hoard too much....everything too would be better simple.....with just a few books and picture frames....a few pairs of pants and a few shirts and just three pairs of shoes....but God....I can't live simply....I've tried and I just fall for all the gimmicks and crap that Target sells.......I think I found a whole box of just candles....I guess I walk by the candle aisle and think...."I need a candle because I can't find any around the house." Well guess what....I had tons of candles....they were just hidden in one of my "boxes" Everyone should move every so many years.....just so we can realize just how much "stuff" we've really got hidden in all those boxes and drawers in our homes. Take the time to cleanse.....throw away old candy and receipts from three years ago....and donate your skinny jeans if you're just not going to fit in them anytime soon......

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