Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fruitful Discovery!

I am so excited because we have discovered fruit trees on our acreage! We moved to this house a little over a month ago and I have been so busy putting the inside of the house together that I am just now wandering around our land and discovering all its perks! We have found 3 apple trees, a peach tree and a pear tree. We picked bowls full of peaches and apples with the kids and they loved it! The peaches are so sweet and tender and the apples taste so fresh but the pears are not quite ready to be picked. We think they need just a few more days....but we can't wait to taste them! So this weekend...I am baking away. I am experimenting with the fruit and my mother and I are going to make some jams and preserves and can as much of the fruit as we can so we can bake away all winter.
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My mother always talks about growing up and how she loved her father's fruit trees. I now understand why she gets so excited about those trees. It's so amazing to walk out your door and pick fruit off your own tree. It's amazing to look up in the trees, with the sun beaming through the branches and seeing the ripe fruit hanging down. I couldn't help but take tons of pictures today...I could seriously take hundreds more.


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Kate / Kajal said...

wow what a bonus. Normally you'd have to wait for years to see fruits on the trees you planted ! Gosh how i envy you ... all that gorgeous fresh fruit !!