Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Brie with Caramel-Pecan & Pear Sauce

Brie with Caramel-Pecan & Pear Sauce

I love brie and when I saw this new brie log at the grocery store I was so excited. I always use brie to make appetizers for parties but now I have a log of brie to make perfect round slices that will beautifully fit on crackers or baguette rounds. Here's a simple version of a brie appetizer that I served at my restaurant. It can be made quickly and can be served at room temperature so it's perfect for a buffet table at your next party.

Brie with Caramel-Pecan & Pear Sauce:
1 log brie cheese (if you cannot find the log of brie, you can just use the brie round and make slices that will fit on a cracker, they don't have to be round slices)

15-20 crackers or french baguette slices
1/4 cup sugar
4 tablespoons butter
1/4-1/2 cup pecan halves or pieces
2 tablespoons half n half
2 small pears or 1 large pear, peeled and cut into small chunks

These pears are from our own pear tree!
In a small pan, start heating up the butter and sugar together until the sugar dissolves. Add the pecans and continue to mix and coat the pecans in the sugar mixture. Once the mixture starts to turn a golden brown turn the heat down to low, add the half and half and mix well. Add the chopped pears and continue to mix until the pears soften and are coated in the caramel mixture.
To assemble the appetizers, place a piece of the brie on top of the cracker or baguette and top with the caramel pecan & pear sauce.

This is definitely a winner!


Ingrid said...

They do look like winners! Yum! I don't think I've had Brie....I'd know if I did, right?

Your photos look fantastic, too!
Thanks for another terrific recipe that has now been added to my must try pile!

My children will ask for midnight snacks (9ish) how quick are these to put together? I'm thinking of all the other things I could use that sauce for, mmmm!


avesta said...

Thanks Ingrid. You can use this sauce for other things...it is a bit thick though for this recipe.

If you want to make it more "runny" just add more butter and a bit more cream until it is the consistency that you want. It is very good on ice cream and pie! And it stores in the fridge, just microwave it to heat it up so you can pour it.

This recipe is easy. It is not a complicated sauce and not a "real" caramel sauce recipe, but I'm trying to post easy and simple here.

Buy some brie and try it with this sauce. It is soooo good! I also just like it plain or melted on a sandwich.

PaniniKathy said...

That sounds like such a wonderful appetizer! I'd love to bring this to a party.

avesta said...

I promise Kathy that your guests will love this and it's so easy to make but tastes and looks very fancy!

Plus, like I said it can be served at room temperature so there's no need to worry about keeping it at a certain temperature!

Ingrid said...

Hi, again!
I'm gonna take your advice and buy some Brie. Any tips?

Just last night one of the Twins ate Blue Cheese on Ritz crackers with red wine vinegarette drizzled over for a snack. I think he would have loved your "snack" even more.
Thanks, again for the recipe!

avesta said...

This is a great way to introduce kids to cheeses like brie. All brie that is sold in the U.S. has to be pasturized so just start out with a small wedge of brie so you can make sure you even like it.

President makes a nice mild brie cheese and so does Normandie but what you should make sure is that it's plain...so you can really get to the know the taste of brie...later try some of those flavored kinds.

Also, you can eat the rind, but if you're afraid to, just slice the brie and you can spread the brie on a cracker without the rind. Yea Brie!

Peter M said...

First time visitor and I went straight for the sinfully good stuff! lol

Ingrid said...

Hi, I FINALLY made this!!! Not only did the kids go gaga over this so did their sitter and her family! How right you were, this is a WINNER!

Btw, one of the Twins keeps begging me to make your jalapeno butter shrimp again AND I make certain that I keep your sweet & spicy sauce in my fridge! The kids love it! It's their "ketchup".

Sorry about being so long winded!

avesta said...

Ingrid...don't apologize! I LOVE your comments and love that your kids enjoy my sauces and food! I am so glad you enjoyed this recipe...it is one of my all time favs! xoxoxo!

Helene said...

I love anything with brie and those appetizers look so good. Thanks for sharing.